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70mai Dash Cam Omni Review: The First Ever 360 Dash Cam!

Dash cams have become indispensable given the increasing challenges of Manila traffic and, unfortunately, the erratic behavior of some drivers on the road. While you can find decent dash cams for recording your daily commutes, imagine the added benefits of integrating artificial intelligence into such a gadget and other features that can make the drive a bit more fun. Introducing the 70mai Omni 360 Dash Cam, the first dash cam with a 360-degree rotating camera. The question is: Does that make it worth buying?

The Most Unique Dash Cam Design We’ve Encountered

In the realm of dash cams, the 70mai Omni 360 truly stands out. Unlike conventional devices or dash cams that are integrated into rear-view mirrors, its cylindrical shape is a result of its standout feature – a rotating lens.

Adding to its appeal is a 1.2” display featuring a charming startup face. Beyond its cuteness, this display showcases real-time visuals captured by the camera. The device is equipped with three buttons for turning it on, activating the hotspot, and assisting with the setup.

Installation of the 70mai Omni is straightforward. Apply the provided anti-static film to your desired location, affix the dash cam with the adhesive, and you’re good to go. However, due to its unique design, determining the optimal placement on your vehicle may require some consideration. To access all features and set up the device, you’ll have to download the 70mai app. While it’s not entirely plug-and-play, the process is swift and user-friendly. The built-in 64GB storage, in our case, proved more than sufficient, since we still mostly from home these days.

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